Malaria and Neglected Parasitic Diseases

Malaria and Neglected Parasitic Diseases

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This new programme at ISGlobal, brings together under the same umbrella different research groups that were previously in other programs and aims to support evidence-based policy-making at all levels for the reduction of malaria and other neglected parasitic diseases in high-burden areas, and to expand our current scientific understanding of the most relevant parasitic diseases affecting humans, and their host-vector interactions.

We focus on malaria, Chagas and neglected tropical parasitic diseases (NTDs) such as soil transmitted helminths and leishmania with the ultimate goal of advancing towards disease elimination wherever feasible.

We apply methods which include epidemiology, intervention trials with drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools and basic molecular biology and immunology. Capacity building is included at all levels. Our efforts range from local, national and global, with a focus on the highest burden areas of the world.

The diverse program has international leadership in the development and evaluation of tools for malaria control in vulnerable populations, Chagas clinical care, parasite biology and immunity to malaria infection and vaccination.

Research Groups

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Principal lnvestigators of the Programme


Highlighted Projects

Manhiça Health Research Centre (CISM), in Mozambique


Unravelling Disease Tolerance and Host Resistance in Afebrile 'P. falciparum' Infections: a Prospective Study in Mozambican Adults


MULTIple doses of IPTi Proposal: a Lifesaving high Yield intervention

Science4Pandemics Project


Citizens engagement digital platform for collective intelligence in pandemics


Broad One Health Endectocide-based Malaria Intervention in Africa

Control of Leishmaniasis. From bench to bedside and community


New chemotherapy regimens and biomarkers for Chagas Disease

MENA Migrant Health

Transforming data collection and surveillance to drive migrant health research, care and policy


P. falciparum genomic intelligence in Mozambique


Sharing knowledge and catalyzing research towards a malaria-free world

RTS,S Vaccine Immunology Study

Study of immune correlates of protection against malaria after vaccination with RTS,S/AS01E: a comprehensive immunological arm of a Phase III double-blind, randomized, controlled multi-center trial

Other projects

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Novel organ-on-a-chip technology to study extracellular vesicles-mediated cryptic infections in Plasmodium vivax malaria


Malaria mass and focal drug administration to advance malaria elimination in Mozambique: accelerating programmatic implementation and policy translation


Building Scalable Pathogen Genomic Epidemiology in Ethiopia


New Tools for the Diagnosis and Evaluation of Chagas Disease


Identifying Severe Malaria with a new Aptamer-based Rapid diagnostic Test