Adelaida Sarukhan

Highlights from the MIM meeting at Dakar


Scientists and experts from different backgrounds came together to discuss latest findings in malaria research, control and elimination At the approach of World Malaria Day on April 25, the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM) celebrated its 7th Pan African Malaria Conference in...

Joan Tallada

Readings on Globalization, Health and Power for Convulsive Times (and What Awaits Us)

Policy & Global Development

I recommend hereunder a few books to buy or ask for on this Sant Jordi Day I'm getting old. I review the reading recommendations that I have made in previous editions of World Book Day ( 2016 , 2017 ) and their number has decreased at the same rhythm as my hair. This year you will have to...

Beatriz Galatas

Tackling the “Last Mile” to Interrupt Malaria Transmission in Southern Mozambique


[Post published jointly with CaixaCiencia on the occasion of World Malaria Day 2018, celebrated on April 25] A CISM worker talks with a couple during a Mass Drug Administration in Magude, Mozambique. The past ten years have observed an exciting shift of gears in the race...

Nicole Beatriz Michelen

Hacking Hunger

Training & Education

[Written by Eleni Kavoura and Nicole Beatriz Michelen​, students of the Master of Global Health ISGlobal-UB] Hackathons are all about developing creative solutions to a specific problem Hackathons are all about developing creative solutions to a specific problem by bringing...

Jeffrey Lazarus

Why Needle and Syringe Programmes in Prisons Could Save Many Lives


Needle and syringe programmes (NSPs) in prisons could save large numbers of lives Prisoners have a far higher incidence of blood-borne disease than do the general public and are also far more likely to be users of injection drugs. These facts are not coincidental. Injected drugs...

Javier Sancho

Chagas Disease Can - And Must- Be Treated


 -April 14, International Chagas Day- Chagas Disease can and must be treated . This is the message that the Global Coalition for Chagas Disease , together with its partners and allies, wishes to underline on the occasion of International Chagas Day next April 14.  ...

Anna Lucas

R&D Helping the Most Vulnerable Women

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in El País-Planeta Futuro] Exploring new ways to prevent malaria in HIV-infected women living in sub-Saharan Africa HIV-seropositive pregnant women (...) have no access to malaria preventive therapies Malaria and...

Marta Solano

5 Ways in Which the City Harms our Health and 5 Solutions to Stop it From Doing So

Communications,Environmental Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in El País- Seres Urbanos on the occasion of the World Health Day – April 7] The science is clear: urban life is harmful to our health. How can we translate this public health emergency to the citizenship and to political decision...

Ariadna Curto

Rural India: A Challenging Setting for Air Pollution Epidemiology Studies

Environmental Health

Almost half of the world's population [...] still depends on inefficient fuels Most people living in urban areas in high income countries associate air pollution with road traffic or possibly industry. However, lack of access to clean household energy is also an important contributor to air...

Alberto García-basteiro

The Year When the Fight Against TB Could Change Forever

[This article has been published in Spanish in the Huffington Post] We cannot allow TB to continue wreaking its usual havoc in 2018 Can you imagine if the real politicians really gave their attention to a global health challenge? If leaders from different countries,...