Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Resilience (PR3)

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the impacts that a global health crisis can have on all aspects of our lives. This does not happen only during pandemics; other crises can have wide impacts on our societies: e.g. armed conflict, terrorist attacks, nuclear or chemical accidents and climate-driven disasters. Environmental and public health crises require rapid and flexible responses, based on the best scientific and technological knowledge available. 

To improve the effectiveness and acceptability of emergency response, we need to draw from existing experiences at the global and local levels, generate new scientific knowledge specific to diverse crises and promote and ensure access to timely and relevant evidence for public decision-making authorities.

What Is PR3?

We coined the term PR3 as the concept that combines the different phases of preparing for and responding to crises: Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Resilience. For more information on each phase and on the model see here.


A PR3 Challenge: Preparedness and Response in the Era of Systemic Environment and Health Crises

What Do We Do?

Main Research Themes

ISGlobal aims to be a centre of reference for research and translation in PR3, specifically to improve preparedness and promote resilience to health and climate emergencies irrespective of borders, bringing together experts in Europe and other regions (including LMICs) with complementary expertise into a PR3 Network and making strategic alliances with the following goals:

This includes:

  • developing frameworks and core protocols for surveillance/research in case of crisis that can be rapidly adapted to a particular crisis at hand; and
  • encouraging the establishment of appropriate infrastructures and of a collaborative framework for near real-time data collection, sharing, analysis, alerts, investigation, and response (both at the local and global levels).

This involves:

  • identifying and mobilizing appropriate expertise (both inside ISGlobal and in the network) to provide knowledge and information to public health authorities and to the civil society, at all levels: local (city), regional, national and global; and
  • linking with appropriate initiatives -including the European Health Emergency Response Authority, the Iberoamerican Epidemiological Observatory, and others.

This involves conducting research in our areas of competence, in collaboration with partners and entities in the network. Particular research areas include risk identification, risk assessment, risk-benefit evaluation to feed into policy decisions.

Advice will be based on the best current evidence from ISGlobal researchers and the network of experts and professionals.



The ISGlobal PR3 group:

  • Coordinates and facilitates collaboration, synergies and funding, within and outside ISGlobal, for research, policy & global development, innovation, communication and education;
  • Promotes a meaningful strategic research agenda;
  • Promotes translation of research results and activities to generate impact in policy and society; and
  • Provides internal and external capacity building to effectively provide strategic guidance for response to future health crises.


Main Research Lines

Many ISGlobal researchers conduct relevant research on PR3 (see more here):

  • Pandemic and outbreak preparedness
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Climate change
  • Health impact assessment
  • Early warning systems
  • Communication and stakeholder involvement




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Policy Papers or Briefs:

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Who are we?

Working group created in December 2020 to develop a strategic working roadmap for Preparedness and Response involving the research and global policy departments.

The PR3 team brings together researchers and policy experts from most of the scientific programmes and translation departments at ISGlobal.

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