Consultancy Activities

Consultancy Activities

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ISGlobal, in addition to performing advanced research in the field of global health, provides consultancy services and technical assistance to external organizations, including government, public administrations and private institutions and companies in topics directly related to their research experience, especially in the area of public health. Our consultancy services provide access to world-class academic expertise and dissemination of our knowledge to different stakeholders, contributing to our impact on society.

Among these activities, we include those well-defined products, based on scientific knowledge and using formal review, analysis, interpretation and/or dissemination methods, that incorporate this knowledge into clinical practice processes, public health, social or business protection, with the aim of improving the health of the population. ISGlobal researchers advise developing studies or reports of potential hazards or public health recommendations and the development of innovative solutions for global health problems.

Examples of products are:

  • Expert reports
  • Health impact assessments
  • Clinical trials
  • Scientific advisory boards
  • Review of government strategies / policies

Some highlighted projects and activities are:

  • International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC-World Health Organization) organization and participation in the IARC monographs programme for the evaluation of potential human carcinogens (Manolis Kogevinas, Elisabeth Cardis, Cristina Villanueva, Michele Turner, 2011-onwards).
  • Eines d’anàlisi d’entorns per a la creació de refugis climàtics, Diputació de Barcelona (Mireia Gascon, 2021)
  • Enhance awareness on Chagas disease and improve the wellbeing of Chagas disease patients, Novartis (M Jesús Pinazo, 2021)
  • Desigualdad, derechos e interés público: Los desafíos de la cooperación internacional en la respuesta a la Covid, AEXCID (Leire Pajin, 2021)
  • Evaluación del posible grado de exposición humana a nano y microplásticos y aditivos plásticos a través de las aguas de consumo, AGBAR (Cristina Villanueva, 2021)
  • External final evaluation of the European union-funded regional project for humanitarian health assistance for the Venezuelan population and Venezuela migrants, Organización Panamericana de la Salud (Gonzalo Fanjul, 2022)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation workshoop and toolkit for trainers in the context of the Clinical Research and Development Fellowship, World Health Organisation (Núria Casamitjana, 2022)
  • Accelerating the Application of Pathology-based Mortality Surveillance Using MITS, RTI International (Jaume Ordi, 2022)
  • Technical consultation on the malaria revound phenomenon, World Health Organisation (Caterina Guinovart, 2022)
  • Suport tècnic analisi salut en el pla director urbanístic metropolità (PDU), Barcelona Regional (Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, 2022)
  • Determination of the activity of TXN System molecules against multidrug resistant bacteria, Thioredoxin Systems AB (Sara Soto, 2022)
  • Development of the unCoVer (‘Unravelling Data for Rapid Evidence-Based Response to COVID-19’) Dashboard, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp (Juan R González, 2023)

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