Responsible Research and Innovation

The department of Innovation contributes to the mission, the vision and the objectives of ISGlobal by providing support to the whole ISGlobal organization to protect intellectual property and to transfer knowledge and technology, as well as to develop models to make knowledge available to larger communities. Moreover the Innovation team has put the “Responsible Research and Innovation” components as core elements of its strategy, therefore giving strong attention to the public engagement in research and innovation endeavours.

The current lines of work are the following:

1. Foster and support the development of technological, service and/or organizational innovations

ISGlobal has established the basis for the Innovation and Industrial Property Management Policy through a detailed Knowledgment and Technology Transfer internal policy. The Innovation team is collaborating with the different research groups in order to identify the projects with potential to generate knowledge transfer activities (IP Protection, Transfer Agreements, Start up companies )

The Innovation team collaborates with the research teams and with other areas such as Policy and Global Development and Training to prepare calls for applications, and also to support development of Translation and /or Access Models.

2. Responsible Research and Innovation

The Innovation department contributes to a new line of transversal and integrative work, whose main objective is to respond to the problems and needs of civil society through scientific research and innovation projects. This research approach includes the participation of ISGlobal researchers and implies developing research action methodologies such as science shops and science cafes.

In this setting, ISGlobal is actively working in collaboration with different groups from the Hospital Clinic. Together, we have recently been awarded the coordination of the H2020 CE-funded research project InSPIRES and an EIT-Health training project named CRISH.