Research Integrity

Research Integrity

ISGlobal standards for Research Integrity are set in the Code of Good Scientific Practice of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) together with the Addendum. The Code represents a set of recommendations and commitments governing scientific activities. The aim is to create an environment conducive to quality research and prevent problems arising in relation to the integrity of scientists in their work. The recommendations set forth complement current legal regulations.

The content of the Code is regularly supervised and updated as part of the remit of the PRBB Good Scientific Practice Working Group (GSP WG). The GSP WG is made up of nominated representatives of all PRBB Centres and its function is to actively share learning and good practice in scientific integrity amongst PRBB institutes, to catalyse the development of cross-institute educational initiatives and to act as an independent support and resource for PRBB institutes in cases of serious misconduct.

Within ISGlobal, the ISGlobal Good Scientific Practice Committee (ISGlobal-GSPC) is the delegated Core Scientific Committee (CSC) body in charge of promoting research integrity and handling potential cases of research misconduct. The ISGlobal-GSPC committee members are the Scientific Director (chair); the 3 representatives within the PRBB Good Scientific Practices Group and the Clinical Quality Coordinator.

ISGlobal-GSPC will handle potential cases of suspected scientific misconduct according to the SOP Management of Suspected Scientific Misconduct.

The ISGlobal-GSPC can be contacted at

ISGlobal endorsed the Montreal and Singapore statements on Research Integrity, and the Global Code of Conduct for Equitable Partnership.

How to report a case of research misconduct?

Any ISGlobal employee (affiliated or contracted) or external persons (e.g collaborators, vendors, journal editors) who becomes aware of any significant indication of scientific misconduct within the meaning of definitions in Annex 1 of the procedure for the Management of Suspected Scientific Misconduct (such as fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, financial misconduct among others) shall notify in writing the ISGlobal Good Scientific Practice Committee (ISGlobal-GSPC, The ISGlobal-GSPC will address the allegation according to the procedure for Management of Suspected Scientific Misconduct. The ISGlobal-GSPC will guarantee the confidentiality of the complainant according to the procedure. Anonymous allegations will not be considered unless they are supported by specific and consistent evidences.

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