Azucena Bardají Alonso

Assistant Research Professor

Quique Bassat Orellana

ICREA Research Professor

Núria Casamitjana Badia

Training and Education Director

Victoria Fumado Perez

Associated Researcher

Enric Grau Carmona

Senior Manager of Non-Profit Organizations and Programmes

Ildefonso Hernández

Director of the Public Health, History of Science & Gynecology Department. Faculty of Medicine. Miguel Hernández University

Cristina Larrea

Professor of the Department of Cultural Anthropology and History of America and Africa, University of Barcelona

Jose Muñoz Gutiérrez

Assistant Research Professor

Denise Naniche

Associate Research Professor

Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

Director of the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative

Antoni Plasència Taradach

ISGlobal Director

Xavier Pons Rafols

Professor of the Department of International Law & Economics, University of Barcelona

Esteve Saltó

Global Health Consultant

Sergi Sanz Bravo

Head of Department - Statistics