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Enric Grau

Enric Grau

Senior Manager of Non-Profit Organizations and Programmes

Enric Grau Carmona is senior manager of non-profit organizations and programmes in the fields of international cooperation and aid, research and development of health solutions applied to developing countries, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Enric is co-founder and director of AVICENA, a consulting network specialised in the health and social sector. He is responsible for leading the strategy and activities of AVICENA, overseeing the relationships with partners and clients, and actively developing AVICENA’s portfolio of services.

Enric coordinates the course on Global Health Management for the Master of Global Health (ISGlobal-University of Barcelona) and the course on Global Health for the Master of Internationalization (University of Barcelona) and the Master of Public Health (Pompeu Fabra University).

He has two decades of experience in managing organisational development for nonprofits and large scale international programmes, including technical assistance, medical research and training programmes. He has worked with the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, the Barcelona Centre for International Health Research and Doctors Without Borders in the Maghreb, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, international operations, networking, institutional representation at political and technical levels with donors and stakeholders and a proven ability for teamwork in multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual environments.

Enric graduated with a degree in Social Sciences, earned a Master of Financial Management at EADA and a Diploma of Non-profit organization management at ESADE.

Main Publications

  • MJ. PINAZO; E GRAU. Improving integrated healthcare access for Chagas disease patients in Bolivia. Rev. Esp. Salud Pública 2014; 88 (suplemento): 47 - 52
  • S. NOGUERA, E. GRAU et al. (2010). Global health and international cooperation; the architecture of the development aid. Published in Global public health and international law. XAVIER PONS (ed). Marcial Pons.
  • J. GASCÓN, E. GRAU et al. (2008). Health and migration. Guide for medical assistance to immigrant population. CRESIB. ERGÓN.
  • M. LLACH, E. GRAU et al. (2004). Maternal mortality in Tetuan province 1996 - 2002. Enfermedades emergentes Revista multidisciplinar , vol. 6 nº 3.
  • E. GRAU, et al. (2001) Reducing the vulnerability of migrants with irregular situation in the border Guatemala – Mexico. Médecins Sans Frontières
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