Research Programmes

As part of the strategic plan (2017-2020) ISGlobal has approved a new Scientific Organization which is based on 9 research programmes: 1) Air Pollution and Urban Environment, 2) Chagas, Parasitic and Imported Infectious Diseases, 3) Childhood and Environment, 4) Climate and Health, 5) Malaria, HIV and TB, 6) Maternal, Reproductive and Child Health, 7) Non-communicable Diseases and Environment, 8) Radiation and 9) Viral and Bacterial Infections. This new Scientific Organization includes the merger of previous programmes (the Malaria programme and the HIV and TB programme have become the Malaria, HIV and TB programme; the Respiratory, Cancer and Water programmes have been integrated at the NCDs and Environment programme), and the incorporation of the Climate and Health programme in 2017.

This website will be updated accordingly