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The term eHealth corresponds to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health. This includes methods of data collection via smartphones, accelerometers or any other relevant technologies.

The aim of the group at ISGlobal is to leverage eHealth methods for inter-disciplinary activities in the three internationally recognised areas of the institute:

  • malaria and other infectious diseases,
  • maternal and child health, and
  • urban health, climate and non-communicable diseases.

The eHealth group is part of the ISGlobal Severo Ochoa (SO) programme which supports interdisciplinary science to improve the understanding of complex health issues in various contexts.

Main Domains

The group is currently leading studies in two main domains: precision behavioural medicine and planetary health.

  1. Activities in the precision behavioural medicine domain include research aiming at understanding the dynamics of various health symptoms and health behaviours in patients daily-life, as well as the development and optimization of digital behaviour change interventions.
  2. Activities in the planetary health domain include research interested in the understanding and promotion of pro-environmental behaviours via digital technologies (apps). Although the group is using various technologies we try to promote reflection on the environmental implications of ICTs in the health sector and digital temperance instead of over-consumption and promotion.

Highlighted Projects

  • Dynamic and high-resolution modelling of health-related behaviours, such as physical and sleep, in various contexts and populations.
  • Tracking of individual carbon footprint and pro-environmental behaviours.

Active Projects

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