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Guillaume Chevance is an interdisciplinary scientist with a first MSc in Sport Sciences, a second in Health Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Human Movement Sciences from the University of Montpellier (France).

At the beginning of his research journey, he studied motivation towards health-related behaviours. He then completed a postdoc at the University of California San Diego (US) with a team interested in the design of digital behaviour change interventions.

Chevance is mainly interested in the dynamics of health behaviour change, such as physical activity, eating behaviors, and sleep, in a context of climate change mitigation and adaptation. For that purpose, he uses digital technologies (i.e., accelerometers, smartphones, mobile apps, online datasets) to better understand what is going on in our daily lives.

He is currently leading the eHealth group at ISGlobal.

Lines of research

  • Human behaviour change
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation 
  • Digital health methods
  • Time series analyses

Main publications

  • Chevance G, Fresán U, Hekler EB, et al. (2022). Thinking health-related behaviors in a climate change context: A narrative review. Annals of Behavioral Medicine,
  • Chevance G, Hekler E, Efoui-Hess M, et al. (2020). Digital health at the age of the Anthropocene. The Lancet Digital Health,
  • Chevance G, Perski, O, & Hekler, E. (2020). Innovative methods for observing and changing complex health behaviors: Four propositions. Translational Behavioral Medicine,
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