Antimicrobial Resistance

"The growing number of drug-resistant bacteria poses an increasing threat to the effectiveness of existing antibiotics. Indeed, only 3 new antibiotics have received approval in the last 30 years"

Jordi Vila - Director of the Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative

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Resistance to antimicrobial drugs is a serious problem that threatens our ability to treat infectious diseases and poses a serious risk to the progress made in global health in the past decades.

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  • The use of antibiotics is one of the main causes of the emergence and spread of resistance.

  • Antibiotic resistance poses a serious public health threat in Europe and worldwide. It is estimated that 700,000 people die every year due to infections caused by multiresistant bacteria.

  • The list of diseases that are becoming difficult to treat due to the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance is growing: TB, malaria, HIV, among others.
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  • Jordi Vila

    Director of the Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative

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  • Clara Ballesté

    Coordinator of Antibiotic Resistance Inititative and Jordi Vila Project Assistant

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