Global Chagas Disease Coalition

The Global Chagas Disease Coalition is an alliance of partners who have joined forces to promote access to diagnosis and treatment for patients with Chagas disease and to stimulate innovation in this field and the development of new tools to fight the disease.

Although international guidelines recommend that patients with Chagas disease should be treated, only 1% of those affected currently have access to treatment. This deplorable situation is the reason why the mobilization of efforts to increase access to treatment is so urgent, and the Coalition's aim is to play a central role in driving the agenda and achieving this goal.

In addition to its five founding members —ISGlobal, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), Fundación Mundo Sano, CEADES and the Sabin Vaccine Institute—the Coalition hopes to incorporate more institutions interested in joining this alliance against Chagas disease and  has recently welcomed two new members—the Center of Excellence for Chagas Disease at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center and the Nhepacha network. 

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Global Chagas Coalition Declaration



New Tools for the Diagnosis and Evaluation of Chagas Disease

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