MENA Migrant Health

Transforming data collection and surveillance to drive migrant health research, care and policy

Ana Requena
Foundation “la Caixa”/ Mobility – Global Medicine and Health Research programme


Migrant populations often live in precarious conditions with limited access to health care. The lack of epidemiological data on the major health problems affecting these populations hinders adequate health services and policies. 

The MENA Migrant Health project aims to overcome this barrier by designing new tools for data collection and analysis, as well as developing community-based research and practice that will ensure the future and continuous improvement in migrant health prevention and care.

The project is developing the Migrant Health Country Profile tool (MHCP-t) that will inform healthcare practitioners and policymakers on how to effectively monitor and respond to migrants' health needs on multiple infections and other key diseases, as well as vaccination coverage. A prototype of MHCP-t will be initially tested in Morocco, Tunisia and Sudan, and later rolled-out in Algeria, Libya, Egypt and Yemen. 

The implementation of the MHCP-t will provide access to an unprecedented database as well as analysis tools on migrant health in the MENA region. Thus, strengthening data collection, facilitating cross-country comparisons and transforming service delivery and policy-making around migration and health. 

To deploy the MHCP-t tool in different countries of the MENA region, the consortium will collaborate with local and international organizations that aim to improve the health of migrants in this region while holding approaches as different as research, management as well as health and social care, or the creation of more effective and equitable health policies. 


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