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Climate and Health

Climate change is becoming a major issue in public health and in political agendas worldwide. The research program on Climate and Health, led by ICREA researcher Xavier Rodó, aims to address the effects that environmental changes associated to climate change may have on human health, and develop predictive computational models.

Its research lines include extreme temperatures and precipitations, heat waves, the impact of climate change on the spread of infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, leishmaniosis, chikungunya, or Zika, the El Niño phenomenon and other climate and environment factors, and their relationship with Kawasaki disease and other inflammatory diseases.

Model: Prediction of epidemiological dynamics of COVID-19 in Catalonia

The image below shows the predicted epidemiological dynamics of the pandemic in Catalonia, according to data from a model developed by ISGlobal's Climate and Health programme based on case and mortality data reported by the Public Health Agency of Catalonia (ASPCAT).

This is a stochastic and discrete model that has the peculiarity of incorporating climatic variables in the calculation of the infection rate, such as the average daily temperature over the last 20 years. The results shown in the image are obtained after running 1,000 simulations.

Date: January 24, 2022.

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