ISGlobal Training & Education Director Núria Casamitjana Joins the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia

Photo: Photo: Anna Lucas

Dr. Núria Casamitjana Badia, Training & Education Director at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) and professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Barcelona Faculty of Pharmacy, has been elected as a fellow of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia. Her admission speech was entitled From alkaloid synthesis in the laboratory to managing research and training in global health. The fellowship admission ceremony took place in Barcelona on Wednesday September 26 at the historic site of the former Hospital de la Santa Creu, where the Royal Academy has its headquarters.

During her speech, Dr Casamitjana spoke of her deep satisfaction at being chosen to form part of the Catalan Royal Academy of Pharmacy. "It is a recognition of a lifelong career in three fundamental academic areas: research, teaching and management."

Dr. Casamitjana has extensive experience in education, where she has lectured at university level for over 25 years, and in research, where she has specialised in the synthesis of bioactive nitrogen-based molecules. In 2006, she was involved in the creation of the Barcelona Centre for International Health Research (CRESIB) and served as its technical director until 2011. She is currently Director of Training & Education at ISGlobal, where she coordinates and participates in different global health education programmes and activities.