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'The Connection Cure': Book Reading and Community Discussion with RECETAS Researchers

18.30 - 21.00 h
Centre Cívic Casa Golferichs
(Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 491) Barcelona
Julia Hotz (journalist); Jill Litt (RECETAS Coordinator, ISGlobal); Laura Coll (RECETAS Researcher, UVic)

On 18 July, you have the opportunity to discover the power of human connection for health and well-being. Join us in Barcelona for an inspiring session with journalist Julia Hotz and RECETAS project researchers Laura Coll Planas and Jill Litt.

We will explore the impact of social connection on health through Julia's recent book, 'The Connection Cure', and the cutting-edge nature-based social prescribing research led by the RECETAS project team.


  • Julia Hotz, journalist and author of 'The Connection Cure'
  • Jill Litt, coordinator of RECETAS Project and Senior Researcher at ISGlobal
  • Laura Coll Planas, UVic researcher involved in the RECETAS Project


Don't miss this opportunity to learn how social prescribing can improve our lives. Register now to be part of this transformative discussion.

Flyer of the event "Book Reading and H2020 RECETAS Discussion"