Policy & Global Development

Reforming Spanish Cooperation for Development

We seek to raise Spain's allocation for international cooperation and offer new ideas to maximise its impact

Photo: Miguel Lizana / AECID

International aid will play a key role in the success of the global health goals. Whether in the form of financial donations or other activities, such as knowledge sharing and collaboration between public and private actors, the international community plays a central role in financing, political support and the generation of innovative ideas and best practice. Unfortunately, the recent years of economic recession have affected Spain’s ability to meet its international aid obligations, leading to a decline in both resources and political will.

With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ISGlobal is working to correct this situation in collaboration with other national and international actors. In our research and advocacy work, we not only seek to raise Spain’s economic allocation for international cooperation from the current figure of 0.12% up to the European Union average (around 0.4% of GDP), but also to offer new ideas that can build on the experience of Spanish cooperation while offering added value to other foreign policy goals. Global health, in particular, offers numerous examples of strategic interventions by Spain that have achieved a threefold objective: improving the life of millions of people who are the victims of disease and social vulnerability; enhancing Spain's prestige abroad; and reinforcing our national capacities in areas of strategic interest, such as science and innovation.