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Three Voices to Drive Change

Videos of the #VocesDelChagas campaign


Emilia, Emiliana and Walter are three of the participants of the "Chagas" challenge we have carried out, in the framework of the Barcelona CaixaResearch Living Lab project, together with different groups of people, professionals and organizations.

Emilia, Emiliana and Walter are also the most visible face of the #VocesDelChagas campaign. This initiative results after two years of collaborative work in which creativity, effort and passion have not been lacking, and which is aimed at helping transform a silenced reality: the fear, uncertainty and stigma that many people with Chagas disease still suffer today.

Emilia, Emiliana and Walter bring us first person experiences, emotions and dreams in three short videos. They are the raw material of the campaign and a starting point to articulate communities and encourage collective action, for example by spreading the campaign, making new videos on personal stories, or explaining to the immediate environment what living with Chagas disease means.


Videos of the campaign