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Global Health in Spanish Development Cooperation

We are committed to making global health a priority for Spanish development cooperation, increasing contributions and offering new ideas to maximise its impact.

Photo: Miguel Lizana / AECID

International development cooperation is a fundamental public policy for achieving health equity worldwide and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the field of health. Whether in the form of financial contributions or through other tools such as knowledge sharing or collaboration between public and private actors, the international community plays a central role in financing, supporting policies or even generating the best ideas and practices to move towards greater health equity. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of international cooperation in responding to a global health crisis, but it also revealed shortcomings that deepened an inequality gap that urgently needs to be addressed.

Spain's commitment to global health in recent years has therefore been remarkable. A commitment that has, above all, contributed to improving the lives of thousands of people who are victims of disease and social vulnerability in countries with fewer resources and capacities. Moreover, this commitment underpins Spain's international profile as a strong advocate of multilateral action, the provision of global public goods such as health and women's equality.

The work of ISGlobal aims to consolidate and strengthen Spain's commitment to global health worldwide. Following the approval in February 2023 of the Law on International Cooperation for Sustainable Development and Global Solidarity, global health must become one of its priorities in the context of system transformation. The document Global health on the political agenda of the new legislature proposes a vision of global health for all Spanish public institutions and society. A common horizon that will increase the added value and impact of our country's contributions, as well as its international influence in this field.