The Telemedicine Platform Trip Doctor is Awarded the 2019 GEBTA Prize

The award recognises ISGlobal’s and Hospital Clinic’s commitment to research and good clinical practices


The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) and the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona received the 2019 GEBTA Initiative Award for Trip Doctor, the telemedicine platform co-developed by both institutions. The prize, given by the governing board of the Guild of European Business Travel Agents is a recognition to ISGlobal’s and Hospital Clinic’s commitment to research and good clinical practices when giving support to international travellers.

Trip Doctor is a telemedicine platform that allows travellers to contact a specialist in tropical medicine during their journey in tropical regions. Thus, travellers and aid workers can travel without worries, since they are “accompanied” by professionals during the entire trip. In addition to increasing the security of the user, the platform allows researchers to make progress in the study and treatment of tropical diseases worldwide.

Jose Muñoz, ISGlobal researcher and Head of the International Medicine Service at the Hospital Clinic, received the prize at the award ceremony that took place at the Hotel Sofia in Barcelona, on June 11. “Between 30 and 40% of travellers has some kind of health problem during the trip, and many seek for health care at that moment. This is what led us to develop this initiative four years ago, with the idea of improving the health of these travellers.”

The GEBTA governing board has considered this initiative is particularly relevant in view of the economic globalization and the international expansion of Spanish companies, which lead to a growing number of people travelling to regions where they may be exposed to infectious diseases with potentially severe health effects.

Trip Doctor Platform