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How Can We Address the Effects of Economic Downturns on Systemic Health Crises?

Series | All-Hazards Preparedness and Response #52


[This document is one of a series of discussion notes addressing fundamental questions about global health. Its purpose is to transfer scientific knowledge into the public conversation and the decision-making process. These documents are based on the best information available and may be updated as new information comes to light].


In the era of the 3Cs -Covid-19, Conflict, Climate-, states should prepare for economic crises by addressing first the social determinants of health. That means strengthening healthcare systems and expanding social protection policies to safeguard the most vulnerable populations and build lasting resilience.

Prioritize primary healthcare services, intersectoral and international collaborations focusing on social, commercial, and environmental determinants of health, robust health information systems, and effective governance is vital for building healthcare systems capable of addressing global economic crises. This will ensure equitable access, responsive services, and improved health outcomes for all.

Investing in Social Protection system preparedness lead to improvements in maternal and child mortality reduction, provides a front-line responsive tool against economic shocks, and fosters overall health and economic resilience among the population.

The document has been written by Elisa Landín, Clara Marín, Gonzalo Fanjul, Antoni Plasència, Megan Naidoo, Natanael Silva, Daniella Cavalcanti, Álvaro Flores, Elizabet Diago, Felipe Alves and Davide Rasella (ISGlobal).