How to Better Manage Health Innovation?

ISGlobal’s Training and Innovation departments participate in the new Senior Executive Program for Global Health Innovation Management, supported by EIT Health


Between May 20 and 24, the new Senior Executive Program for Global Health Innovation Management (SEP GHIM) was launched in Heidelberg (Germany). The course, that aims to support executives who aspire to attain senior leadership and innovation positions in global health, brought together 16 participants working in the field. The programme has been developed by ISGlobal's Training and Innovation departments, together with the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH), IESE Business School, INCAE and Strathmore Business School, and is supported by EIT Health.

“SEP GHIM is an innovative initiative to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in global health through public sector professionals, academia, international agencies, corporations and across the world with an interest in leading the change to achieve the Susstainable Developoment Goals,” says Marina Espriu, business development manager in ISGlobal’s Innovation Department.

“The programme seeks to help participants become drivers of change by providing the necessary skills and tools in management, leadership, innovative business models, digital health, multisectorial and online work, through case studies and real experiences in the field of global health,” adds Nuria Casamitjana, ISGlobal's Education and Training director.

The course has four modules in three different continents. The first module on Global Health Challenges and Strategies for Change took place on May at the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (Germany), the second module on Global Health Innovation Management will be held in July in INCAE Business School in Alajuela (Costa Rica), the third module about Transforming and Developing New Solutions in Global Health will be held in September at the Strathmore Business School in Nairobi (Kenya) and, finally, the fourth module focused on The Art of Implementation will take place in October at the IESE Business School in Barcelona (Spain).

“Joining forces between leading global health and business schools while involving our partner institutions from Costa Rica and Kenya, allowed us to offer a unique learning experience, while tapping into the joint experience of health innovation leaders from across the world: a programme with a very high potential global impact”, states Magda Rosenmoller from IESE Business School and Academic Director of SEP GHIM.