Administration and Projects Unit

Administration and Projects Unit


The Management Unit gives administrative support to activities carried out by researchers and other staff of the institution, guaranteeing:

  • Transparency
  • Responsiveness
  • Compliance
  • Efficiency

in the management of resources.

Its ultimate goal is to create a professional and supportive environment for world-leading research and other activities providing dedicated, timely and effective services. It has an ongoing commitment to quality, sustainability and continuous improvement. By providing the best service to its internal clients in an atmosphere of mutual trust, the Administration takes part in the process of creating value in the institute.

ISGlobal’s Administration is led by Gonzalo Vicente, the General Manager, who takes part in the Executive Management of the institution and it is organized in five functional areas.

General Management

The General Manager, assisted by the Deputy General Manager, is responsible for strategic planning, organizing, staffing, directing and leading, coordinating, reporting and budgeting in order to attain sustainability for the organization. General management is supported by ISGlobal´s legal function, which aims to prevent and mitigate institutional risks, facilitating decision making and advising on fast evolving laws and regulations and its implications on our daily practice. Through the compliance programme, led by the Legal Manager and through the Compliance Committee ISGlobal assures the compliance with laws and external and internal regulations.

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Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Department aims to actively contribute to achieving the strategic goals of our institution, to help ISGlobal become a leading global health institution within the frame of HRS4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researches), to attract the best researchers for excellent Science, and to build a new generation of leaders in the Global Health arena, in close collaboration with the Scientific Coordination area.

To this end, we work on making ISGlobal an attractive place to work, where each professional can develop his/her strengths in a cooperative environment. HR department is organized in two areas: development and management area that accompany and advise people from the moment of their incorporation and throughout their time at the institution, all in a safe, diverse, and positive environment that allows them to develop their maximum potential and their professional career.

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Finances: Accounting & Controlling & Purchases

The goal of this Department is to provide effective planning, management and control of the financial resources necessary for good decision making, ensuring quality and clarity in accounting information, and guaranteeing compliance with tax and accounting regulations. The finance area is divided into 3 departments: Accounting, Controlling and Purchases. The objective of the Purchases Department is to satisfy the needs of the institute’s and individual users regarding the purchasing and contracting of goods and services, to obtain the best product/service, under the best conditions, in the fastest time, at the best price, and with excellent service.

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General Services

The general services area is responsible for managing ISGlobal's material resources.

The Department of General Services is responsible for providing in a timely and efficient manner the services required by the institution in terms of the management of spaces and infrastructure, reception, office supplies, transportation, correspondence, filing, surveillance, messenger services, and cleaning, and to provide preventive and corrective maintenance for furniture and offices. In doing so, it aims to offer a quality service, increase user satisfaction, and optimize the use of resources.

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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Systems

The goal of the ICT systems department is to provide ICT services within a high-quality technological infrastructure, provide adequate and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of all the institute's personnel, and guarantee the security and integrity of the Information System (IS) of ISGlobal.

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Grants Office

The goal of the Grants Office is to provide advice and specialized support in proposal preparation, budgeting, expense tracking, and project auditing, to increase applicants’ chances of success in being awarded, and ensuring their correct execution. The Grants Office is divided into two areas: The Preaward team (led by Anna Massaneda) aims to increase funding opportunities for science and transfer through specialized advice and support in managing proposals and contracts. The Postaward team leads the economic management of projects through specialized advice, ensuring compliance with internal and external regulations and monitors our third parties administrative performance.

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The Projects Unit

To align the research management and the grants management activities, ISGlobal has established the Projects Unit, as an interface between science and the administration.

The Projects Unit serves the ISGlobal community to develop and implement institutional and scientific internal policies and provides advice on funding opportunities and funding agencies requirements.

The Unit provides support to the research, translation, innovation and education departments to develop institutional and scientific internal policies which will be later on approved by the corresponding responsible organs including the direction committee. It works closely with the HHRR area to support the development of the EU HR accreditation logo and implement procedures that reinforce internationalization, promote gender equality and fosters social responsiveness.

The Unit works closely with the ISGlobal teams to prepare grants submissions including costing, management and ethical issues and to provide support to sponsored projects including contracting, financial reports and audits.

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