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Initiatives: Urban Planning, Environment and Health

Research Programmes: Climate and Health

  • Duration:
    01/12/2016 - 28/02/2021
  • Coordinator:
    Steffen M. Olsen (DMI) and Daniela Matei (MPI-M)
  • Funded by:
    Horizon 2020, European Comission

Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate

Blue-Action is a H2020 research and innovation project aiming to improve how we describe, model and predict the weather and climate on seasonal to decadal time scales in the Arctic and over the northern hemisphere. This information will allow communities and businesses in Eurasia and North America to develop and plan their activities better.

ISGlobal will closely collaborate with end-users to generate a prototype of forecast scheme of temperature-related mortality for a very large ensemble of regions in Europe based on the climate forecasting tools developed by other partners. The final aim is to evaluate how the skill in climate forecasts is transferred to the predictability of climate impacts on human health.