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Oriana Ramirez

Primary Health Care: Where Are We 40 Years After Alma-Ata?

[By Oriana Ramírez, Policy Analysis Coordinator, and Diana Tejada, student at the Master in Strategies and Technologies for Development UCM/UPM] The Alma-Ata conference resulted in a declaration that marked a turning point in the evolution of the global health paradigm Everyone...

Denise Naniche

The Worldwide Response to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic Since 1981. Lessons Learned.


[This article has been published in Spanish in Esglobal] How did we go from 270 reported cases of AIDS in the United States in 1981 to 37 million people living with HIV worldwide in 2017? What did we do right and what could we have done better? Infection by HIV went...

Gemma Castaño

Breast Cancer and Environmental Factors. What Does Science Tell Us?

Environmental Health

90% of breast cancer cases are thought to be caused by environmental factors Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, in Spain and worldwide. More than 90% of cases are thought to be caused by environmental factors , i.e. external biological, physical or chemical factors....

Aleix Cabrera

#OpenPRBB: Open to the Public and More Connected Between Us


[By Aleix Cabrera and Raül Toran, Communication and Dissemination Area of ISGlobal] The open day has reached its eleventh edition and it is in good health Every first Saturday of October, the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park ( PRBB ) opens its doors to the public in order to...

Antoni Plasència

Sustainable Development Goals and Global Health: Walking the Talk

Policy & Global Development

[By  Antoni Plasència , ISGlobal General Director and  Gonzalo Fanjul , ISGlobal Policy Director] “The focus of this meeting should be on the deep implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)”. With this statement, University of Columbia economist,...

Anna Lucas

Day of the Girl: Teenage Mothers: Abandoned to Their Fate?

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in The Huffington] Teenage pregnancy is one of the circumstances with the most negative consequences on the health and life options of adolescent girls There are 590 million adolescent girls (aged between 10 and 19 years) in the...

Jeffrey Lazarus

Depicting a New Target For the HIV Response: How Do You See the ‘Fourth 90’?


[By Jeffrey V. Lazarus and Kelly Safreed-Harmon ] This may be surprising to hear from researchers, but we don’t mind getting things wrong from time to time. Being wrong draws us into interesting conversations with people who have different skills and perspectives. It also...

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