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Amador Gómez

Child Undernutrition: an Ongoing Challenge

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

Undernutrition is responsible for one-third of all deaths among children under five years of age and continues to be a major challenge for public health . Hunger is a trap that mortgages the future of upcoming generations by eroding the growth and cognitive development of hundreds of...

Emily Miller

Ensuring the Voice: An Event to Encourage Global Health Collaboration

Training & Education

The Global Health Next Generation Network serves as an example to strengthen communication and collaboration amongst global health professionals The global health landscape has experienced an unprecedented boom in actors dedicated to eradicating disparities and ensuring that everyone enjoys...

Victoria Fumadó

Sierra Leone: What Next?


The country’s economy has been crippled, hospitals, health centres and schools were closed down and only now—slowly, cautiously and with great respect—is an attempt being made to reopen some of them When you arrive in Sierra Leone, the first thing that strikes you is how social customs have...

Azucena Bardají

Maternal Immunization: Protecting Mothers and Infants in Early Life

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health,Immunization

Maternal antibodies are however often suboptimal and consequently do not necessarily provide adequate protection to the infant Vaccines are among the most effective preventive tools available to date for reducing infectious diseases and their complications and sequelae. Maternal...

Elisabeth Wilhelm

Strong Partners Make Malaria an Endangered Species in Kabuyu


[This blog is part of the #DefeatMalaria World Malaria Day blog series hosted by Roll Back Malaria, to be published between April 8 and May 1, 2015] The sun was already high in the sky on a brilliant blue morning the day before World Malaria Day. Dignitaries and public health...

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