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David Rojas

Public health effects of fracking in Spain

Environmental Health

Fracking is a technique for extracting unconventional natural gas deposits by drilling gas that is trapped on a rocky substrate, for which it is necessary to inject pressurized water, sand and a mixture of chemical compounds. The Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia published on...

Laia Bertran

Cobertura mundial de vacunación: mucho camino recorrido y, sin embargo, mucho por hacer


Del 22 al 28 de abril de 2013 se celebra la Semana Mundial de la Vacunación, con el objetivo de fomentar la toma de conciencia relativa a la importancia de la inmunización. Esto es necesario porque, pese a los avances de las últimas décadas, muy significativos, una quinta parte de los niños...

Matiana González

What does “looking at malaria from the perspective of elimination” actually mean?


Fifteen years or so have passed since the international public health community revisited its long-term goal of eradicating malaria. Since then, we have heard time and time again that changing from a "control" strategy to one based on “elimination” or “eradication” represents a true “paradigm...

Pedro L. Alonso

Aiming for Eradication: Malaria in the Cross Hairs


[This text has been written by Pedro Alonso , Director og ISGlobal, and Matiana González , Coordinator of the Malaria Elimination Initiative at ISGlobal ] In the entire history of humanity, only one disease has ever been eradicated: smallpox. The last case was recorded in Somalia in...

Raul Toran

Horizon 2020: ¿Un programa europeo para salir de la crisis?

El pasado 22 de abril tuve la oportunidad de participar en una reunión con Teresa Riera, eurodiputada por el partido socialista y ponente del programa Horizon 2020 , sucesor del 7 º Programa Marco. Este encuentro, organizado por la Oficina del Parlamento Europeo en Barcelona y la Asociación...

Antoni Trilla

Measles Epidemic in Wales: An Example of What Can Happen


In November 2012, doctors in the Swansea area of Wales noted an increase in cases of measles among children and adolescents. In the few months since then, the number of cases has risen over 700 , and over 50 children and adolescents have been hospitalized. Measles is a highly contagious...

Xavier Basagaña

Heat waves and mortality

Environmental Health

The relationship between extreme heat and increases in mortality has been reported in many parts of the world . A simplified way to understand this relationship is the following. The human body has several mechanisms to maintain a constant internal temperature, but when exposed to high...

Mª Jesus Pinazo

Chagas Week: an Opportunity for In-depth Analysis of the Problem


It is no longer news that Chagas disease is now a global problem. The last 15 years have seen an exponential increase in the migration of people from Latin America to countries where the disease is not endemic. Consequently, the health systems of non-endemic countries such as Spain, where...

Joan Tallada

Marriage is bad for your health (if you're a woman)

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

Despite the general impression that HIV affects the poorest levels of society, several studies over the years have shown that higher socioeconomic status is a risk factor for HIV infection in African women. Why is this? Two reasons have been suggested: 1) that professional African women...

Gonzalo Fanjul

Spanish Development Cooperation in Freefall

This week, the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) published the final aid figures for 2012 , which, frankly, could have been much worse. The total amount of aid contributed by the countries on the list—which does not include the major emerging donors such as India and China or...

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