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Welcome to the Master of Global Health (2016-2017)

Núria Casamitjana & Joan Tallada: "This is the beginning of a great adventure in global health"

Núria Casamitjana, Director of the Training Department, and Joan Tallada, Training & Education Senior Advisor, welcome the new students of the Master of Global Health.

Casamitjana encourages all of them: "This is the beginning of a great adventure in global health where they can built an incredible network that can be very useful in the future for their professional development".

She also considers the students diversity is an enrichment for the Master itself: “We have evolved towards an increasing diversity of students, in terms of geographical origin, context and background, and all this makes a big difference by allowing us to study health from very different perspectives, in a highly globalized world.”

Sharing this opinion, Tallada remarks that "it's not what they expect to learn, but also what they can bring to the classroom".