Research, Malaria Elimination

ISGlobal Malaria Elimination Projects Added to MESA Track Database

ISGlobal researchers add their projects to the freely available database created by the Malaria Eradication Scientific Alliance


Malaria elimination related research projects performed at ISGlobal have been included in MESA track database, a one-stop shop to quickly access current research projects focused on malaria elimination. The MESA Track database is freely available and open to all research organizations and scientists to submit their research portfolio. The Malaria Eradication Scientific Alliance (MESA) launched the database in November this year and its steadily growing with more and more projects. 

Malaria elimination is an area in which ISGlobal has longstanding expertise, with research that spans from research on epidemiology of malaria, transmission, immunology, basic biology of the parasite or health economics, to the development of novel tools and strategies for malaria elimination, operational research, capacity building and technical support to countries that have decided to embark in the adventure of eliminating malaria from their territories. To quickly reference current projects led by ISGlobal, you can now simply perform a search in the MESA Track database. ISGlobal and MESA will keep refreshing the information in MESA Track to capture new projects as they come on line.

Part of MESA's core mission is to create knowledge management tools to accelerate and expand the impact of the relevant evidence base for malaria elimination. Find out more at and @MESAmalaria.