The Catalan Secretary of Universities and Research Visits ISGlobal

The meeting was an occasion to discuss the top priorities for the Catalan scientific community


Francesc Xavier Grau, Catalan Secretary of Universities and Research visited ISGlobal on January 8, together with Joan Gomez, General Director of Research at the Ministry of Business and Knowledge, and Lluís Rovira, CERCA Director.

Guided by ISGlobal’s General Director, Antoni Plaséncia, the Catalan government representatives visited the laboratories and became familiar with the leading-edge research performed in the Institute regarding infectious and non-communicable diseases and environment, with the aim of improving global health. They then held a meeting with ISGlobal management staff and Angel Font, Director of Research and Strategy at “la Caixa” Foundation and ISGlobal trustee, where the institute’s model, achievements and challenges were presented, including its innovative public-private partnership model. The meeting also served to discuss the main priorities for the Catalan scientific community.

This visit to ISGlobal is part of a series of meetings organised by the Catalan Government to present the National Plan for the Knowledge Society on which it is currently working, to the main research institutions.