Clinical trial of new drug for chronic Chagas disease

Phase II multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled study of the safety and efficacy of three oral dosing regimens of E1224 and benznidazole in adult patients with chronic indeterminate Chagas disease

E1224 is a prodrug of ravuconazole developed by Eisai Pharmaceuticals. It is administered orally and has been shown to have potent activity against the parasite responsible for Chagas disease. It also has several other properties that make it a promising candidate for the treatment of Chagas disease, including good absorption and tolerability profiles, once-weekly administration, and an affordable price.

The drug is being tested in a phase II study conducted by ISGlobal, in conjunction with the Platform for the Integral Care of Patients With Chagas Disease, a collaborative project involving CEADES (a Bolivian NGO), Universidad Mayor de San Simón de Cochabamba, and Universidad Autónoma Juan Misael Saracho (Tarija). This phase II proof-of-concept study will analyse the potential of E1224 as an oral, easy-to-use, safe, and affordable treatment for Chagas disease. The project is being coordinated by the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative and funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The study will also investigate several biomarkers that may help to assess disease cure and treatment success in patients with chronic Chagas disease and serve as valuable tools in future clinical trials of E1224 and other new drugs. The current lack of early markers of treatment response is a major obstacle in the fight against Chagas disease.

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Our Team

Our Team

  • Joaquim Gascon
    Joaquim Gascon Research Professor, Director of the Chagas Initiative, head of the Chagas, Parasitic and Imported Diseases programme

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