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Initiatives: Urban Planning, Environment and Health

Research Programmes: Air Pollution & Urban Environment | Childhood & Environment

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  • Coordinator:
    Jordi Sunyer Deu (ISGlobal)
  • Funded by:
    European Comission

BRain dEvelopment and Air polluTion ultrafine particles in scHool childrEn

Childhood is a critical period for brain maturation and mental development. It involves many factors. Several studies in animals have generated the hypothesis that ultrafine particles in city air may interfere negatively in the development. Discover the level of pollution in schools and understand their role in child health is one of the challenges of our time. This knowledge will create healthy environments and healthy for future generations to the present.


  • Aim: Studying the impact of air pollution in cities on the cognitive development of children
  • Characteristics of the study: The study will involve children in second, third and fourth of 40 primary schools in Barcelona with different pollution levels.