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Lea Maitre

Lea Maitre

Assistant Research Professor Exposoma, Malalties no transmissibles i medi ambient

Léa Maitre is an Assistant Research Professor at ISGlobal and coordinates the new Exposome Hub initiative, promoting innovation, collaboration and communication about this new field of research.

During her Ph.D. and first postdoc position at Imperial College London, United Kingdom, she obtained extensive experience on metabolomics and pregnancy outcomes, acquiring broad knowledge in NMR spectroscopy and advanced statistical methods in molecular epidemiology.

For the last five years, she has focused on the extension of this field in the Exposome. Her participation in European projects on this topic included scientific coordination in the HELIX project (2013-2018) and as a task leader in the ATHLETE project (2020-2024).

Her main research interests are in the application of interdisciplinary research (omics/system biology, environmental epidemiology, toxicology) to better understand neurodevelopmental outcomes and their environmental origins (

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