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Close the Gap, Increase Access, Provide Adequate Therapy

Consulta hospitalaria, en Mozambique
Foto: Andalu Vila San Juan
01/09/2019 - 01/03/2023
Samuel Schumacher (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, FIND, Switzerland)

The proposed trials will demonstrate (i) the impact of Omni/Ultra and Omni/XDR at a microscopy-centre level on patient-important outcomes; (ii) the impact of Ultra testing of pulmonary and extra-pulmonary samples on mortality in patients with advanced HIV; (iii) the utility of process innovation and supportive solutions for diagnostics (e.g. connectivity) to improve linkage to care, surveillance, stock and device management; and (iv) the needs for staffing, training, stock management and maintenance for implementation of a molecular test at microscopy centre level. Furthermore, it will enable socio-economic and population level impact modelling.

The trial is designed to provide evidence for the most impactful implementation strategies depending on local epidemiology and existing infrastructure, rather than just providing evidence on technology introduction. As such, the work outlined in the proposal aims to support the policy-making mandate of WHO and participating ministries of health and implementation planning for scale-up. Further, the project will establish centres of excellence for the implementation of diagnostic trials that will serve in the evaluation of future tests.

Total Funding

5,975,984.15 €

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Project Coordinator

  • Samuel Schumacher (FIND, Switzerland)
    Samuel Schumacher (FIND, Switzerland)

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