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AMR DetecTool Annual Workshop

Gathering talent and knowledge on rapid #AMRdetection

AMR DetecTool Annual Workshop 2021
29/11/2021 - 30/11/2021
Farreras Valentí Room - Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
(Villarroel, 170, stairs 9/11, 3rd floor) Barcelona / Online
Jordi Vila (ISGlobal, Hospital Clínic) et al.

Gathering talent and knowledge on rapid #AMRdetection

Leading European microbiologists will share their expert insights on topics that will influence how antimicrobial resistance will be diagnosed and treated in the future at the Annual Workshop of the AMR DetecTool project, on 29-30 November 2021.

This high-level European meeting will focus on rapid AMR tests from various perspectives:

  • relevant previous and current experiences,
  • expected clinical impact,
  • market opportunities, and
  • regulation in the EU.

As a hybrid event, those who are interested in attending the workshop can participate online and in-person, at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona (Spain). AMR DetecTool project partners, the research community and other interested experts are especially encouraged to participate –if the pandemic situation allows– face-to-face.

Both online and face-to-face participation is free of charge. The deadline for registration is 28 November.

>> Agenda and Registration

>> Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID: 830 6193 2692)

AMR DetecTool: a breakthrough device for the rapid detection of antimicrobial resistance

The AMR DetecTool project (2020-2022) is an innovation process involving 14 professional organisations from across Europe and is  funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Its goal is to validate and bring to market a rapid test for the detection of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in only 30 minutes. This device is ultimately designed to support hospitals in saving patient lives and reducing treatment costs.