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Antoni Plasència

Improving the Governance of Global Health Emergencies

AID,Ebola,#ObjectHealth That diseases spread without respect for borders is something we have always known since the dawn of humanity; and, incidentally, bacteria, viruses and parasites have all played decisive roles in the development of our species. What is new is the speed with which diseases can spread today and...
John Aponte

The Malaria Vaccine: a Giant Leap Forward for Science

Malaria,Immunization,#ObjectHealth A vaccine against malaria was, for many years, considered the holy grail of medical science. The challenge was to develop a vaccine against a parasite—an extremely complex organism capable of constant change—and that was something that had never been done before. Given the circumstances, the...
Matiana González

Malaria, Poverty and Underdevelopment

Malaria,#ObjectHealth The countries affected by malaria are often unable to assume the economic burden it imposes, and the poorest families may spend up to one third of their annual income on fighting this disease As we look forward to 2015, the deadline for the Millennium Goals and the year formal agreement is...
Rafael Vilasanjuan

Health: A Global Commitment?

Health Equity,#ObjectHealth Epidemics—like terrorism, climate change and money—travel without regard to borders, which present them with no obstacle So much has been written about global health that it is sometimes difficult to find arguments to convince the reader of the effectiveness of investment in health and finding...
Ignasi Roca

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance Without Superpowers: What Can You Do?

Antibiotic Resistance Urgent action on three fronts is needed to remedy this situation: curbing the use of antibiotics in humans and animals, closely monitoring the emergence and spread of resistant bacteria, and developing new antibiotic therapies Today, November 18, is European Antibiotic Awareness Day , an...
Beatriz Fiestas

#ObjectHealth: 15 Capsules to Denounce a 30-Year Gap

Communications,#ObjectHealth #ObjectHealth is a three-week campaign to make known some of the major health problems that affect our world today Spain and Mozambique are separated by 30 years: three decades that you gain if you are born in Spain, three decades robbed from you by fate if you happen to be born in Africa....
Mar Velarde

Are We Tracking Our Research Efforts to Eradicate Malaria?

Malaria Over the past decades, Research and Development has played a key role in driving the achievements made against malaria with the development of tools such as rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), artemisinin-combination therapies (ACTs) and long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs). We have also...
Claudia Sofia Paradela

A Disease as Deadly as Ebola and More Lethal Than the Plague — but Potentially Eradicable

Epidemiology Their villages are not listed on any maps. They do not appear in the photo. And, at first, not even the name of the curse that haunts them inspires terror. Nevertheless, Carrión’s disease , a malady omitted even from the list of the world’s forgotten diseases, has the dubious honour of being...
Imane Jroundi

Retos pendientes de la sanidad marroquí: Enfermedades respiratorias en niños

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health En Marruecos, el 30% de niños menores de 5 años con síntomas de neumonía no reciben tratamiento Las infecciones respiratorias graves son una de las principales causas de mortalidad infantil en todo el mundo, y se concentran (99%) en los países en desarrollo. Así, a pesar de ser una infección...
Pau Rubio

Superheroes vs. Superbugs: Superwisdom in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance First words, first steps, the first kiss…. Only one thing is as valuable to us as the things we do for the first time and that is the things we do for the last time—the last steps, the last kiss, the final words…. How would we do things if we knew that we were doing them for the last time? For...

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