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Adelaida Sarukhan

The most feared pathogens: 9 diseases that could cause a major epidemic


The recent declaration of the zika virus as a “global emergency” by the WHO as a consequence of the epidemic in Latin America highlights once more the threat that emerging diseases represent for public health. It is not easy to predict when and where new infectious diseases will appear, but what...

Manolis Kogevinas

European Code Against Cancer. 12 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk


There are an estimated 2.64 million new cancer cases and 1.28 million cancer-related deaths every year in the European Union. In Spain, there were an estimated 128 550 new cases of cancer among men and 86 984 among women in 2012 The number of cancer-related deaths in the same year was 63 579 for...

Silvie Huijben

Drug Resistance Research: Running to Stand Still Yet Taking Big Steps Forward

Antibiotic Resistance

Twenty-seven researchers coming from eight different disciplines, all working on the same problem, yet most didn´t know each other or each other´s field until last week. We didn´t read each other’s papers nor did we bump in to each other at conferences. This is the strange reality of drug...

Antoni Trilla

Zika Virus in Europe: Alert Does Not Mean Alarm


  [This article is written by Adelaida Sarukhan and Antoni Trilla and it has been published in Spanish in El País - Planeta Futuro ]   Zika virus infection has caused a major stir in the media over the past few weeks. The magnitude of the epidemic and...

Beatriz Galatas

Malaria Elimination: How To Do It?


A few years ago, the people and institutions involved in the fight against malaria decided to once again set in motion the machinery to engage in an all-out battle against this parasitic disease. As a result, malaria elimination has suddenly become one of the top 10 priority issues on the...

Lucía Fernández

Mosquito Hunters in Mozambique


It is 5.30 in the morning in Manhiça—southern Mozambique—and I am about to enter a traditional house without running water or electricity. My companions are Albina and Celso, the other two members of the entomology team. Dawn is breaking and the African sun has already started to burn. Our...

David Donaire

The Health Implications of Cycling to Work

Environmental Health

While no one today would question the assertion that movement is life, one third of the adults in the world lead a sedentary lifestyle. This low level of physical activity is due, in part, to the mode of transport we choose for commuting and travelling. Car use, for example, contributes to a...

Krijn Paaijmans

Death Penalty for Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are the biggest killers of humans on this planet. They transmit deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever and West Nile virus. And therefore they deserve the death penalty. As swatting all of them would be quite an impossible task, we use insecticides to...

Tom Cole-hunter

Air Pollution: Should I Wear a Mask in the City?

Policy & Global Development

Some of us may have seen (or are ourselves) people wearing face masks when moving through the city. In 2012, US athletes arrived in Beijing for the Olympic Games wearing face-fitted air filtration masks (termed respirators ) to avoid an expected short-term drop in exercise performance...

Laia Segura

Paris Climate Meeting: Would We Be Able to Influence the Negotiations While Being just Observers?

Policy & Global Development

There exists a clear division between COP Participants: either you are a party of the convention (a distinguished delegate from a state that has ratified the mandate of the UNFCCC) or you are an observer, or a media rapporteur. I believe it is worth mentioning that I am from the second group....

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