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Jeffrey V. Lazarus

Hepatitis and the Sustainable Development Goals: Time for an End Run

Policy & Global Development [This blog was originally posted on BioMed Central’s blog network] Well it’s official. The governments of the world have committed to ending HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, but merely ‘combatting’ viral hepatitis. When the United Nations General Assembly voted to adopt the ...
Laia Bertran

Development Cooperation: Is Spain Going to Return to the Big Table?

AID In the midst of all the excitement generated by the approval of the Sustainable Development Goals , it is sad to note that the results of the summit would not have been changed an iota had the Spanish delegation chosen to stay at home. What makes this situation even more depressing, if that...
Elena Villanueva

Access to Health Care: Leaving No One Behind

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity,AID “There are two loaves. You eat two. I eat none. Average consumption: one loaf of bread per person.” Decades before they had even been envisaged, the poet Nicanor Parra highlighted in this short verse one of the key problems of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): when it comes to indicators, the...
David Rojas

What Are the Public Health Implications of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal?

Environmental Health This week the world discovered that cars manufactured by Volkswagen (VW) and Audi have been violating emissions standards. In the USA, emissions are regulated by the Clean Air Act, a federal law designed to protect human health from the effects of airborne pollution coming from a wide variety of...
James Grellier

Radiation and Cancer

Environmental Health What is Radiation? Radiation is the way in which energy is propagated through a material medium or a vacuum in the form of particles or electromagnetic waves. We differentiate between types of radiation according to how much energy they transmit, the main distinction being between...
María Fernanda Escobar

Colombian Experience In Pursuit of MDG 5: Reducing Maternal Mortality

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health [This post was written jointly by María Fernanda Escobar , Edgar Iván Ortiz Lizcano and Germán Gallego Vega.  María Fernanda Escobar was one of the professionals selected to participate in the first edition of the workshop Safe Mothers & Newborns: A Leadership Workshop , which took...
Jose Muñoz

Chikungunya, a Virus Going Global

Epidemiology [This article has been written by  Jose Muñoz , Tropical Medicine specialist at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and ISGlobal researcher, and  Pau Rubio , responsible for Online Communications at ISGlobal]  Before turning up in Gandia, this wayfaring virus had...
Laia Ruiz

When Community Engagement in Clinical Trials is Real

Training & Education Many of the ethical principles so firmly defended today were missing just a couple of decades ago Every time I talk about Community Engagement (CE), I like to emphasize how ethics is a heterogeneous field that evolves in different ways at different times. Many of the ethical principles so...
Krijn Paaijmans

When Mosquitoes Laugh at Insecticides

Malaria Insecticide resistance is a rapidly growing threat to malaria control and elimination programs. Resistance to pyrethroids, which dominate both (1) the insecticide-treated bednet and (2) the indoor residual spraying markets, has been observed in all African countries. Hunting for...
Charles A. Ameh

Universal Health Coverage and Maternal and Newborn Health

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health As the ‘countdown’ to December 2015 draws closer, there is a renewed debate on how effectively the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have helped shape the agenda and the strategies  to improve health, reduce poverty and promote development. It could be argued that the...

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