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Sarah Hodin

Global Leaders in Maternal and Newborn Health: Dr. Emmanuel Ugwa (Nigeria)

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

[This entry has been published originally on the Maternal Health Task Force blog ] In July 2016, 35 global leaders in maternal newborn health gathered for the second annual Safe Mothers and Newborns Leadership Workshop (SMNLW) hosted by the Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF),...

Gonzalo Fanjul

Should We Regret the SDGs?

Policy & Global Development

[This text was published simultaneously in Spanish the blog   3.500 Millones  of El País] After almost one year since the international community buried the Millenium Goals   and launched the   Sustainable Developmental Goals  (SDG), one may wonder if all...

Margarita Triguero

Contact With Natural Spaces Improves the Health of the Population

Environmental Health

The international community of professionals who work towards the recovery and creation of natural space—also called green infrastructure and ecosystem services—was agreeably surprised by Barcelona City Council’s adoption in 2014 of a strategy for urban green space called the ...

Anna Lucas

Gender Equality in the New Development Agenda

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

With some 6,000 participants, Women Deliver’s recent conference was the largest gathering on the health and rights of girls and women in the last decade With some 6,000 participants, Women Deliver ’s recent conference was the largest gathering on the health and rights of...

Manolis Kogevinas

Accusing Greenpeace of “Crimes against Humanity” is Ludicrous (and Dangerous)

Environmental Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in El País ] In a letter published a few days ago , more than 100 Nobel laureates criticized Greenpeace for the position it has taken against the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and specifically for its critical position on...

Joan Tallada

Homophobic Violence is a Global Health Problem

Some phenomena that pose a health risk —and can cause illness or even death—receive little or no attention because they affect countries to which we do not feel closely connected or because they give rise to a trickle of cases spaced out over time and, for that reason, tend not to...

Tatiana García-betancourt

Understanding Health Challenges in a Globalised World

Training & Education

I studied anthropology in Colombia and decided to become a researcher in a little-known branch of the field known as medical anthropology . I work for a research centre in Colombia that studies the health dynamics of different populations in the country. My job is to try to identify the...

Jaume Vidal

Los retos de la salud pública global en los próximos años a la luz de la 69ª Asamblea Mundial de Salud

Policy & Global Development

Entre el 22 y el 28 de mayo se celebró la 69ª edición de la Asamblea Mundial de la Salud (AMS) , principal órgano de deliberación y decisión de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) y escenario de discusión de referencia de la salud pública global . Con más de 3.500 asistentes entre...

Leonardo De La Torre

Chagas Disease: Celebrating a Victory over Fear and Misinformation


The night before her first visit, Irene could not sleep: “What will they find? Do I have Chagas disease? Or HIV/AIDS? There are so many possibilities. And what about my daughters, my brothers, my sisters?"  'Spread the Word in the Fight Against Chagas' is an initiative to inform...

Raül Torán

La ciencia también se explica en los bares


Desde siempre, a las personas nos ha gustado contar y escuchar historias. Y una buena forma de hacerlo es estar en un ambiente distendido rodeado de científicos para hablar de diversos campos de la ciencia como la neurociencia, la química, la física y la astronomía, la biología humana y la...

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