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Elisabeth Cardis

Growing Evidence for the Link Between Mobile Phones and Cancer

Environmental Health

The first results of a long awaited and very important study, carried out by the US National Toxicology Programme (NTP) have just been made available, and the National Institutes for Health are planning to hold a briefing on the results. An important study found an increased risk of...

Irene Eleta

Science for All and All for Air Quality

Environmental Health

A cold March wind is bringing dark clouds to London. The menace of bad weather does not discourage Tina. It’s 10 am and she comes out with a ladder, a bag full of diffusion tubes to measure nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air , a notebook, and a map of the neighborhood of Somers Town. Other...

Elena Villanueva

Hepatitis C: the Madness of Paying for a Treatment 800 Times More Than its Production Cost

Policy & Global Development

[This article was written by Gonzalo Fanjul and Elena Villanueva , director and coordinator of Analysis at ISGlobal, respectively] May brought bad news for hepatitis C patients worldwide. After several months of litigation, India granted the patent of the active ingredient Sofosbuvir...

Eva Iráizoz

Global Health: My New Way of Looking At the World

Training & Education

It is not easy to share my thoughts about my experience in the ISGlobal-UB Master of Global Health while still immersed in the course and engaged in the race for the finish line. But, if you think the Master programme might be what you are looking for, obviously now is the time you need to...

David Rojas

The Recommendations for Improving Air Quality in Barcelona

Environmental Health

[This article has been written by David Rojas (researcher) and Jordi Sunyer (Co-director) of the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL), allied centre of ISGlobal] We know the diagnosis: Barcelona is a polluted city. And this pollution, mainly the result of vehicular...

Pablo Martínez

The Million Dollar Question: When Will We Have a Vaccine Against the Zika Virus?

[This article has been published in Spanish in El País - Planeta Futuro ] Since its discovery in Uganda in 1947 , and until recently, infection with the Zika virus was considered to be a relatively mild illness, with symptoms similar to those of dengue fever but less severe. During...

Silvie Huijben

World Malaria Day 2016: The War on the Anophelines


It is shortly after the Second World War and armies of men with canisters full of DDT invade villages and cities of Europe and the USA. Their mission? To kill the anopheline mosquitoes and once and for all eliminate malaria from these places. The heavily armed offence did its job in eliminating...

Joan Tallada

Saint Jordi 2016: 9 Books on Cooperation and Health for 9 Television Series

Training & Education

Let’s forget emerging plagues and planetary disturbances: the real evil of our times is that our partners (yes, yours also) have banished us from their centre of interest in favor of the, oh, omnipresent screens. But let’s not despair, because this Saint Jordi we have the ideal solution: offer...

Adelaida Sarukhan

World Chagas Day: 5 Problems and a Series of Solutions


On the occasion of the World Chagas Day, ISGlobal has published a special digital report   on the main obstacles and a series of  solutions to break the silence on Chagas disease. We invite you to read the report and spread the voice to break the silence...

Patricia De Llobet

Would You Like to Help Us Understand How We Use Mobile Phones?

Environmental Health

There are nearly as many mobile phone connections in the world as there are people (between 7.3 and 7.6 billion). It is estimated that 63% of the population already use a mobile phone , and this number is growing year on year as we see an increasingly broader range of devices with an ever...

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