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Olivia Blanchard

"When you see so many kids with ulcers, you understand it is necessary to do all that can be done to end this epidemic"

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health This past winter, yaws was in the media spotlight in Spain after the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published a study which confirmed it is possible to eradicate this disease. The World Health Organisation plans to do it by 2020. The news, which hit the headlines in February, led to...
Joan Tallada

Infographic: 7 Things You'll Learn in the Master of Clinical Research - International Health Track

Training & Education The International Health Track of the ISGlobal - University of Barcelona Master of Clinical Research attracts a growing number of highly motivated students. Apart from acquiring sound technical skills and imaginative design capacities, our future investigators appreciate how health research...
Pau Rubio

Fenella Beynon: “The International Health Element Is Something a Lot of Other Masters don't Bring in”

Training & Education Fenella Beynon is a medical doctor from the UK. After working for four years in general hospital medicine in her country, she moved to Mexico, where she worked as a research assistant while she continued her medical work as a volunteer. By then, she had decided she wanted to focus her career on...
Adelaida Sarukhan

Zulfiqar Bhutta: “You Cannot Reach Global Targets without Reaching Everyone who Needs to Be Reached”

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta, Director of the  Center of Maternal and Child Health  at Aga Khan University and Professor at the  Hospital for Sick Children  of Toronto, gave the seventh Global Health Lecture on July 3 rd , at the CaixaForum in Barcelona. After the lecture, he kindly...
Mª Teresa Aguado

Vaccines: Time to Focus on Innovation

Immunization The fact that vaccines have made it possible to protect the population against a series of diseases can give rise to the perception that the risk of vaccination outweighs the benefits The recent very sad case of a 6-year-old boy who contracted diphtheria and had not been vaccinated triggered...
Khadija El Hajjaoui

Maternal and Child Health in Morocco

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health Morocco has made great strides on maternal and child health, but newborn mortality remains a challenge Since the 90s and especially during the last decade, Morocco has made significant improvement in terms of maternal and child health (MCH). Continuous efforts during two decades resulted in...
Rudy Lukamba

A Maternity Ward during the Ebola Outbreak: My Experience as an Ebola Fighter

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health,Ebola What follows is an account of our experience at the Maternity of Saint Joseph Catholic hospital in Monrovia There are so many ways to become famous; unfortunately West Africa will mark human being history by being the area on Earth which experienced the worst Ebola outbreak. Ebola disease was...
Luz María Soto

Las parteras tradicionales en México: ¿enemigas acérrimas del sistema o pieza clave para la reducción de la mortalidad materna?

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health En estados en los que la mortalidad materna presenta cifras más elevadas la atención de parto institucionalizado disminuye a un 70% aproximadamente México es un país privilegiado de una diversidad natural y cultural que ha determinado en muchos sentidos el ejercicio del derecho a la salud de...
Andrew Dabalen

Are Opportunities Expanding for Children in Africa?

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health,Health Equity [This text was co-authored by Andrew Dabalen and Ambar Narayan, Lead Economists at the World Bank Group] The Do African Children Have an Equal Chance? report is about opportunities for children in 20 countries There’s a buzz about Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) these days.[i] Growth has...
Adelaida Sarukhan

What We Do and Don’t Know About the MERS Virus

Epidemiology MERS-CoV was first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012 Over the past few decades, human activity has accelerated the proliferation of pathogens, the speed with which they mutate, and their capacity to adapt to new environments and hosts. In the past three decades alone, scientists have described...

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