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  • Morocco


    Our focus is to improve maternal, newborn and reproductive health through research and education.

  • Bolivia


    We fight Chagas disease.

  • Mozambique


    We work with CISM to build their research capacity and improve the health of the community they serve.

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Cathryn Tonne: Research on the Cardiovascular Effects of Air Pollution

“There does need to be this sort of additional step of knowledge translation getting the research to the right audience to really have the most impact”

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Elaine Fuertes: How Physical Activity Can Help Improve Health

"What we are looking at is how physical activity can help improve health specifically focussing on respiratory health"

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Elisabeth Cardis: The Radiation Programme

"The objective of this work is to make sure that the protection standards that we have, both for ionising and non-ionising radiation are sufficient"

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Our staff are encouraged to pursue innovative ideas with complete independence

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