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  • Morocco


    Our focus is to improve maternal, newborn and reproductive health through research and education.

  • Bolivia


    We fight Chagas disease.

  • Mozambique


    We work with CISM to build their research capacity and improve the health of the community they serve.

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Malaria World Day: Researchers Speak Out

"There is not a single silver bullet; we have to combine the various solutions that we have into a rational strategy"

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Elisa Sicuri: Health Economics Studies

"Many interventions that are important for the health of the people are cost-effective and so worth to invest in"

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Judith García Aymerich: Linking environmental factors and respiratory diseases

"I'd like to answer research questions that come from the population, those who are diseased, and that can go back to the doctors"

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Our staff are encouraged to pursue innovative ideas with complete independence

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