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Health and Climate: Briefing Notes Ahead of COP28

Serie | Policy Briefs #54


[This document is a one of a series of discussion notes addressing fundamental questions about the global health. Its purpose is to transfer scientific knowledge to the public conversation and decision-making process. The papers are based on the best information available and may be updated as new information comes to light.]


Climate change poses not only an immense health burden and loss of life, but also a colossal threat to the world’s ecosystems, economies and supply chains. Governments worldwide need to take a step forward and establish more ambitious goals with specific commitments in order to address the challenges ahead. To that end, this year’s UN Climate Change Conference needs to be a platform for responsibility. 

ISGlobal's new policy brief, written by Xavier Rodó and Ivana Cvijanovic, provides a series of proposals for action based on current scientific knowledge.