Equipo ISGlobal

Lista de personal

  • Alex Almuedo Riera
    Alex Almuedo Riera Medical Research Fellow
  • Julio Alonso
    Julio Alonso Assistant Research Professor
  • Cristina Alonso-Vega
    Cristina Alonso-Vega Clinical Trial Monitor
  • Daniel Camprubi
    Daniel Camprubi Medical Research Fellow
  • Núria Cortés
    Núria Cortés Predoctoral Fellow
  • Leonardo de la Torre
    Leonardo de la Torre Research Assistant
  • Quim Gascon
    Quim Gascon Research Professor, Director of the Chagas Initiative and co-Head of the Chagas, Parasitic and Imported Diseases programme
  • Irene Losada
    Irene Losada Medical Research Fellow & Chagas Initiative Coordinator
  • Jose Muñoz
    Jose Muñoz Associate Research Professor
  • Maria JesÚs Pinazo
    Maria JesÚs Pinazo Assistant Research Professor
  • Ana Requena
    Ana Requena Assistant Research Professor
  • Albert Ros
    Albert Ros Técnico en Bioinformática