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Irene Losada

Irene Losada

Medical Research Fellow, Chagas Initiative Coordinator Chagas, Chagas

Dr Irene Losada is an Internal Medicine specialist with a special interest in International Health, working in ISGlobal since 2017.

She has a background on research methodology and several international experiences. As a medical research fellow from ISGlobal, her primary research interests are tropical imported diseases among travellers and migrants, with special emphasis on Chagas disease. She coordinates the Chagas Initiative in ISGlobal and various projects in Paraguay.

Líneas de investigación

  • Imported infectious diseases in travellers and migrants
  • Chagas disease

Principales publicaciones

  • Losada Galván I, Madrid Pascual O, Herrero Martínez JM, Pérez-Ayala A, Lizasoain Hernández M. Does Progressive Introduction of Benznidazole Reduce the Chance of Adverse Events in the Treatment of Chagas Disease? Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 2019
  • Cortes-Serra, N., Losada-Galvan, I., Pinazo, MJ., Fernandez-Becerra, C., Gascon, J., Alonso-Padilla, J. State-of-the-art in host-derived biomarkers of Chagas disease prognosis and early evaluation of anti-Trypanosoma cruzi treatment response, BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease 2020
  • Laynez-Roldán, P., Fuertes, I., Almuedo, A., Losada, I., Giavedoni, P., Camprubí, D., Muñoz, J., Gállego, M., Fernández-Arévalo, A., Rodríguez-Valero, N. Sporotrichoid dissemination of cutaneous leishmaniasis possibly triggered by a diagnostic puncture. J. Travel Med. 2019
  • Camprubí D, Rodriguez-Valero N, Losada I, Grau-Junyent JM, Muñoz J. Imported eosinophilic fever with myositis: A diagnostic challenge. Travel Med Infect Dis. 2018
  • Valencia S, León M, Losada I, Sequera VG, Fernandez Quevedo M, García-Basteiro AL. How do we measure adherence to anti-tuberculosis treatment? Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 2016
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