Research - Our Team

Staff list

  • Haruka Toda
    Haruka Toda Predoctoral Fellow
  • Sonia Tomás
    Sonia Tomás Project Manager. BOHEMIA outreach coordinator.
  • Cathryn Cecelia Tonne
    Cathryn Cecelia Tonne Associate Research Professor
  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres Predoctoral Fellow
  • Faustino Torrico
    Faustino Torrico International Scholar
  • Margarita Triguero
    Margarita Triguero Postdoctoral researcher
  • Antoni Trilla
    Antoni Trilla Research Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Medicina and Health Sciences, UB
  • Griselda Tudó
    Griselda Tudó Associated Researcher
  • Michelle Turner
    Michelle Turner Assistant Research Professor
  • Maxime Turuban
    Maxime Turuban Predoctoral fellow
  • Maria Tusell
    Maria Tusell Project Technician
  • Mònica Ubalde
    Mònica Ubalde Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Antònia Valentín
    Antònia Valentín Geographical Information System (GIS) Technician
  • Matilda Van Den Bosch
    Matilda Van Den Bosch Associated Researcher
  • Laia Vazquez
    Laia Vazquez Predoctoral Fellow
  • Miquel Vázquez
    Miquel Vázquez Biostatistician
  • Cristina Vert
    Cristina Vert Predoctoral Researcher
  • Laia Vicens
    Laia Vicens Predoctoral Researcher
  • Guillem Vich
    Guillem Vich Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Marta Vidal
    Marta Vidal Laboratory Technician
  • Jordi Vila
    Jordi Vila Research Professor, Director of the Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative and Head of the Viral and Bacterial Infections Programme
  • Anna Vilella
    Anna Vilella Associated Researcher
  • Cristina Villanueva
    Cristina Villanueva Associate Research Professor
  • Marcela Villota
    Marcela Villota Research Assistant