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Ethel Sequeira

World Refugee Day: a Day to Remember or a Task to Accomplish

Health Equity

[This article has been written by  Ana Requena , Head of the Health and Migration Area at ISGlobal, and Ethel Sequeira , Family Doctor and Head of CSR at CAP Casanova de Barcelona] Every minute, 24 persons leave everything behind to escape from war, persecution or...

Matiana González

Paraguay, Malaria-Free!


The certification – for the first time in 45 years – that a Latin American country has eliminated malaria gives us reason to celebrate, even though the global situation in the fight against the disease is worrying Paraguay has just received the certification that its...

Carolyn Daher

The Age of Us: Will it Be Our Last?

Environmental Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in The Huffington Post on the occasion of the World Environment Day] The Anthropocene Age began about 70 years ago, and is defined by the profound impact of human beings on the natural environment There is a general scientific...

Adelaida Sarukhan

Your Voice is Important! Developing an App to Engage Citizen Participation in Case of a Radiation Accident

Environmental Health

[This article has been written by the ISGlobal members: Adelaida Sarukhan , scientific writer,  Liudmila Liutsko , postdoctoral fellow, and   Elisabeth Cardis , Head of the Radiation Programme] Would you be interested in using a mobile app that allows you to...

Janka Horváth

Nature-Inspired Therapeutic Approaches – New Research Agenda Setting Process in Hungary


[This article has been written by Janka Horváth and the team of the Environmental Social Science Research Group (ESSRG) in Hungary, a member of InSPIRES, an Horizon 2020 project led by ISGlobal] At the ESSRG, in the frame of the InSPIRES project, our objective is (...) to prepare a...

Meggie Mwoka

Democratic Republic of Congo Faces a New Ebola Outbreak


[This article has been published in Spanish in Planeta Futuro-El País] The global health community is still working on addressing and closing the gaps identified in the emergency response of the 2014/15 Ebola outbreak On the 8th of May 2018, the Government of the Democratic Republic...

Raül Toran

Procesos de participación ciudadana para abordar los problemas ambientales


La ciudadanía dispone de un canal de comunicación mediante el cual se la escucha, se la informa, se la ayuda a identificar los actores sociales La participación ciudadana puede tener un papel relevante en el tratamiento de las cuestiones ambientales. Así se puso de manifiesto durante una de...

Mohamed A. Kanu

My Experience at the ISGlobal Master of Global Health Programme in Barcelona

Training & Education

In Sierra Leone, where I come from, most of the young graduates are unemployed. Graduates are left to aspire for two major opportunities: to get a job or to secure an international scholarship to pursue the studies of their dreams. Photo: Glòria Solsona I am able to better...

Elena Marbán

Vaccinating Pregnant Women can Save Many Lives


[This article has been written by  Elena Marbán and P. Efrain Pantoja Bustillos on the occasion of World Immunization Week] Vaccines are one of the most effective prevention tools in public health today Vaccines are one of the most effective prevention tools in public...

Adelaida Sarukhan

Highlights from the MIM Meeting at Dakar


Scientists and experts from different backgrounds came together to discuss latest findings in malaria research, control and elimination At the approach of World Malaria Day on April 25, the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM) celebrated its 7th Pan African Malaria Conference in...

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