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Beatriz Galatas

Malaria Elimination: How To Do It?


A few years ago, the people and institutions involved in the fight against malaria decided to once again set in motion the machinery to engage in an all-out battle against this parasitic disease. As a result, malaria elimination has suddenly become one of the top 10 priority issues on the...

Lucía Fernández

Mosquito Hunters in Mozambique


It is 5.30 in the morning in Manhiça—southern Mozambique—and I am about to enter a traditional house without running water or electricity. My companions are Albina and Celso, the other two members of the entomology team. Dawn is breaking and the African sun has already started to burn. Our...

David Donaire

The Health Implications of Cycling to Work

Environmental Health

While no one today would question the assertion that movement is life, one third of the adults in the world lead a sedentary lifestyle. This low level of physical activity is due, in part, to the mode of transport we choose for commuting and travelling. Car use, for example, contributes to a...

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