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Gonzalo Fanjul

An Uphill Climb for the SDGs

Policy & Global Development

[This article has been published in Spanish in '3.500 millones-El País'] I was invited to take part in the World Health Summit 2017, one of the most interesting international forums for the exchange of ideas in the field of global health Last week, I was invited to Berlin to...

Gonzalo Fanjul

Passports Can Seriously Damage Your Health

Policy & Global Development

[This post has been published in Spanish on the blog 3.500 millones] We must anchor the fundamental rights of people who migrate to their status as human beings and citizens, not to the possession of a passport I take a practical stance: international migration is a fact, and...

Adelaida Sarukhan

From the Heart of Africa, a Message for World Malaria Day

Malaria,Policy & Global Development

Have you ever had malaria? Why did you decide to study it? What lessons have we learned – or not- in the fight against the disease? These are some of the questions we asked our ISGlobal team that attended the Keystone Symposia meeting “Malaria: from Innovation to Eradication”...

Joan Tallada

Six Myths About Development and Global Health (and Books that Debunk Them)

Policy & Global Development

The pattern repeats, as in Groundhog Day : you get invited to a meeting of leading lights—a great privilege, you might say. Once there, you wonder how you managed once again to get roped into spending several hours of your life listening to platitudes, regurgitated ad nauseam, that would...

Enric Grau

Hypercompetition in the Global Health Arena: Manage or Die

Policy & Global Development,Training & Education

Enric Grau , a non-profit management consultant with extensive experience in the global health sector, is the coordinator of the upcoming ISGlobal-UB course on Global Health Management (1-14 February) Between 2000 and 2010, global health funding —through development assistance...

Adelaida Sarukhan

A Year in Global Health

Epidemiology,Policy & Global Development

This has been an eventful year in global health. It has also been so for our institute, that enters a new phase with the merger of CREAL and the incorporation of research on non-communicable diseases and environment. The Zika virus [...] spread from Brazil to USA in less than one...

Celine Aerts

Public-Private Partnerships to Tackle Neglected Tropical Diseases

Policy & Global Development,Training & Education

Pharmaceutical products for these diseases cannot be developed through the traditional ‘patent’ system Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) predominantly affect the world’s poorest populations . Accordingly, pharmaceutical products for these diseases cannot be developed...

Mario Negre

Let’s Take on Inequality Seriously, Seriously

Policy & Global Development

As we worked on a new World Bank flagship report that provides the latest and most accurate estimates on trends in global poverty and shared prosperity, it became apparent as to what we wanted for the title -  Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016: Taking on Inequality . Because in our...

Gonzalo Fanjul

Should We Regret the SDGs?

Policy & Global Development

[This text was published simultaneously in Spanish the blog   3.500 Millones  of El País] After almost one year since the international community buried the Millenium Goals   and launched the   Sustainable Developmental Goals  (SDG), one may wonder if all...

Jaume Vidal

Los retos de la salud pública global en los próximos años a la luz de la 69ª Asamblea Mundial de Salud

Policy & Global Development

Entre el 22 y el 28 de mayo se celebró la 69ª edición de la Asamblea Mundial de la Salud (AMS) , principal órgano de deliberación y decisión de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) y escenario de discusión de referencia de la salud pública global . Con más de 3.500 asistentes entre...

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