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Silvia Fernández

Does the Urban Environment Influence the Risk of Obesity

Environmental Health

[This article has been published in Catalan by the Diputació de Barcelona] Obesity is defined as an excessive or abnormal accumulation of fat which can affect our health Obesity is defined as an excessive or abnormal accumulation of fat which can affect our health. The Body...

Gemma Castaño

Breast Cancer and Environmental Factors. What Does Science Tell Us?

Environmental Health

90% of breast cancer cases are thought to be caused by environmental factors Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, in Spain and worldwide. More than 90% of cases are thought to be caused by environmental factors , i.e. external biological, physical or chemical factors....

Liudmila Liutsko

Engaging Stakeholders in a Radiation Protection: A Key to Reduce the Exposure

Environmental Health

[This article has been written by  Liudmila Liutsko , Bieke Abelshausen, Adelaida Sarukhan , Catrinel Turcanu, Nadja Zeleznik and  Elisabeth Cardis] ISGlobal (through its Radiation Programme led by Elisabeth Cardis) contributes to ENGAGE ISGlobal (through its ...

Ariadna Curto

Professionals of Environmental Epidemiology and Exposure Science Celebrate Their Annual Appointment

Epidemiology,Environmental Health

Sunday 26th of August. We are in the heart of downtown Ottawa , Organizers received 1800 general abstract submissions and 400 symposium abstracts the Canadian capital city. Hundreds of scientists and practitioners from academia, government, industry, and non-governmental organizations start...

Wilma Zijlema

The EU Green Week: How Can We Inspire Cities to Be More Sustainable and Green?

Environmental Health

The EU Green Week: ISGlobal was invited to present about the health benefits of natural environments in the Barcelona How can we inspire cities to be more sustainable and green? The EU Green Week aimed to provide an answer to that question. The week’s theme was ‘ Green...

Lea Maitre

ISGlobal Researchers Travel to the Smallest Capital in the World: a Story About Mercury

Environmental Health

The 6th prenatal programming toxicology conference PPTOX VI , an event gathering toxicologists, public health doctors and environmental scientists, took place in May 27-30 2018 in Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. This singular place, located in the North Atlantic between Shetland...

Carolyn Daher

The Age of Us: Will it Be Our Last?

Environmental Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in The Huffington Post on the occasion of the World Environment Day] The Anthropocene Age began about 70 years ago, and is defined by the profound impact of human beings on the natural environment There is a general scientific...

Adelaida Sarukhan

Your Voice is Important! Developing an App to Engage Citizen Participation in Case of a Radiation Accident

Environmental Health

[This article has been written by the ISGlobal members: Adelaida Sarukhan , scientific writer,  Liudmila Liutsko , postdoctoral fellow, and   Elisabeth Cardis , Head of the Radiation Programme] Would you be interested in using a mobile app that allows you to...

Marta Solano

5 Ways in Which the City Harms our Health and 5 Solutions to Stop it From Doing So

Communications,Environmental Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in El País- Seres Urbanos on the occasion of the World Health Day – April 7] The science is clear: urban life is harmful to our health. How can we translate this public health emergency to the citizenship and to political decision...

Ariadna Curto

Rural India: A Challenging Setting for Air Pollution Epidemiology Studies

Environmental Health

Almost half of the world's population [...] still depends on inefficient fuels Most people living in urban areas in high income countries associate air pollution with road traffic or possibly industry. However, lack of access to clean household energy is also an important contributor to air...

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