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Olivia Blanchard

30 de septiembre, 30 años trabajando en Salud Global


A veces cuesta encontrar el momento para hacer una pausa y echar la vista atrás, para reflexionar, y celebrar todo lo vivido y conseguido. Para aquellas personas que trabajan en el ámbito de la salud global en el Hospital Clínic de Barcelona y en ISGlobal, ahora es el momento de hacerlo. Y es...

Pau Rubio

Could I Have Chagas Disease?


Twenty years ago, even doctors in Spain knew nothing about Chagas, a disease caused by infection with the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite. It was not so much a forgotten disease as one that had never existed. Endemic in parts of Latin America, Chagas disease was basically...

David Rojas

Cycling in the City: Health Risk or Benefit?

Environmental Health

Cycling is becoming more popular in cities across Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. There are now more than 500 bicycle-sharing schemes around the world and the number continues to grow. Spain is one of the countries with the largest number of bike-share systems. Barcelona’s Bicing ,...

Ebola Virus Epidemic in West África

  • Victoria Fumadó

    Ebola, a Disease That Kills, Destroys, and Devastates Poor Societies

    The first time I went to work in Sierra Leone was in 1991.What I witnessed as a paediatrician in Africa during that first visit far exceeded anything I might have expected. The country’s infant mortality rate at that time was estimated to be 257 per 1,000 live births; today that figure is 182.

  • Quique Bassat

    Ebola: the Song of Summer 2014

    While I have no desire to trivialize the subject of a disease with such devastating consequences as Ebola, it is hard to ignore the fact that the current outbreak of this deadly infection has become the media hit of the summer, just as mad cow disease and swine flu did before. Every so...

Héctor Gómez

Arboviral Diseases, an Increasing Concern

Epidemiology,Training & Education

The emergence of dengue as the most important arboviral disease in the world has created increasing concerns during the last decade due to a variety of factors: the costs for containing epidemics in endemic countries, the explosive demand for health services during outbreaks, the risks for...

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