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Gonzalo Fanjul

SDGs: Governments are Going to Need All the Help They Can Get

Policy & Global Development

[This blog post has been published in Spanish in 3.500 Millones - El País] The fortunes of the SDG's national plan may depend on matters central to the public interest, such as energy transition, ending child poverty or the quality of our seas In a little under seven...

Marta Solano

Our 7 Most Viral Videos in 2017


This is the ranking of the seven videos most often shared on our Facebook page last year At a time when everyone is talking about proposals for 2018 , it is also a good moment to look back to see whether we met the goals we set last year. One of the objectives set by the ISGlobal...

Meggie Mwoka

Let’s Talk About Private and Public Health Care

Training & Education,Health Equity

The discussion on the role of private health sector in low and middle income countries is often met with mixed feelings. Different paradigms on whether health is a public good versus a business underlie the discussions. The private health sector is undergoing massive growth...

Adelaida Sarukhan

A Year in Global Health: A Less Turbulent but More Worrisome 2017


The WHO elected its new leader: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the organisation’s first African director This was an important year for the global health community, since the WHO elected its new leader: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus , the organisation’s first African director,...

Elena Marban

What Has Happened With Zika?


I don’t know if I should rejoice at the fact that Zika is no longer news (...). This also means less attention – and less resources- I don’t know if I should rejoice at the fact that Zika is no longer news . On one hand, this media silence is due to the fact that,...

Beatriz Fiestas

Solidaridad contra las enfermedades infecciosas


En 1926, el poeta austrohúngaro Rainer Maria Rilke se infectó al pincharse con una rosa y acabó muriendo. Aún no existían los antibióticos, por lo que una simple infección podía derivar en lo peor. Y aunque pueda parecer que hoy estamos muy lejos de esas épocas, los científicos advierten que...

Anna Lucas

Universal (Maternal) Health Coverage: A Dream Within Reach

Such mechanisms are needed to reduce and prevent poverty and vulnerability throughout the life cycle Universal health coverage (UHC) was finally included as one of the main health-related targets ( 3.8 ) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for all countries. To provide UHC,...

Mònica López

This Is How We Are Creating the First European Child Cohort Network

Environmental Health

The Dutch city of Rotterdam hosted the second meeting of LifeCycle, a European project in which ISGlobal is a partner Last October, the Dutch city of Rotterdam hosted the second meeting of LifeCycle , a European project in which ISGlobal is a partner. The objective of the LifeCycle...

Laura De La Fuente

From Manhiça, Mozambique. Goal: Change the December 1st Slogan


[This article has been published in Spanish in El-País-Planeta Futuro  on the occasion of World AIDS Day] Illustration by María de la Fuente Soro   This year, once again, the population of Manhiça located south of Mozambique is preparing, as in other...

Xavier Fernàndez

A Short (Hi)story of Malaria: Darkness and Light (Part 3)

[This post has been written by  Xavier Fernàndez-Busquets and it is the third and last post on a series of the history of malaria ] The contemporary history of malaria was ushered in with a drift to the limits of ethical behavior The contemporary history of malaria was...

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