Physical Activity as a Crucial Patient Reported Outcome in COPD

01/09/2009 - 31/05/2016
Judith Garcia Aymerich
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Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Partner

Physical activity (PA) is essential in maintaining optimal health in chronic diseases, including COPD. More physically active COPD patients have less hospital admissions and better survival. Validated physical activity monitors have become available in recent years, but it is unknown how patients experience physical activity and how physical activity is best assessed comprehensively in patients with COPD (and chronic disease in general).

The aim of PROactive was to develop and validate two Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) instruments for the measure of physical activity in COPD patients, one for the measure on a daily basis, and the second for its use during clinical trial visits (7-days recall).

For the development of the first draft of the PROs we combined data from systematic reviews of the literature, interviews with patients, and experts’ opinion. The PROs were used in an observational longitudinal study to reduce their items and be initially validated with respect to reliability and construct validity. The resulting pre-final PROs versions were included in large multicentre clinical trials for final validation mainly with respect to validity and responsiveness to change.

The PROactive project delivered two hybrid tools combining a short PRO questionnaire and two activity monitor variables and covering two domains: difficulty with physical activities, and amount of physical activity. These tools allow the assessment of physical activity in COPD patients in a daily basis (D-PACC) or during a clinical visit (C-PACC).

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  • Judith Garcia
    Judith Garcia Head of the Non-Communicable Diseases and Environment Programme


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