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01/12/2022 - 30/11/2023
Raül Toran Navarro
Funded by
Barcelona City Council – Pla Clima 2022

The Oasi Climàtic project, coordinated by ISGlobal, LEMUR and Tarpuna, and supported by the Climate Plan programme of the City of Barcelona, has involved a pioneering community of young and old people from the Nou Barris district in identifying cool places in the neighbourhood and imagining solutions to deal with the heat in the urban space. The aim is to raise their awareness of the climate emergency by working together, creating a link with the neighbourhood and at the same time offering collective and innovative solutions in the same environment.

Therefore, the project tries to involve and empower the local population, especially the young and the elderly, in the identification and design of climate shelters in the urban space.To achieve this objective, a series of actions have been designed with citizens, which can be replicated later, such as the creation of innovative training capsules on climate issues for young and old, the development of linkage and cohesion dynamics based on strategic challenges. such as climate and health in various spaces in Nou Barris and the identification of driving groups and the creation of networks and community, promoting the exchange of knowledge between participants in the neighbourhood through existing entities. Co-design sessions of urban climate shelters will be held in the neighbourhood, in terms of global health and climate protection, and the experiences will be collected in post and digital format.

Total funding

50.000 €

Through Barcelona City Council – Pla Clima 2022 program. Co-organized by: ISGlobal – LEMUR - Tarpuna Coop

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